Sunday, November 2, 2014

My Name Poem: Dylan: It means Friendly, Fun and Respectful. It is the number 16. Sticky fluffy cotton candy, I can't get it off my hand. I remember playing GTA 5 with Matthew B and Tyler R. My Dad taught me how to always be honest and friendship. He told me about When my Sister was telling lies to my Dad, When my Dad told me about friendship he said to never let a friend be a bully or be bullied by someone else. My name is Dylan. It means never giving up, always be honest, to help people that in need of help.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Magical Island

As the water falls in the forest, five friends are going on a bush walk. The awful smell of pine cones and bird poop was disgusting. Some time later they found a very hidden chest, in the chest they found a map of pirates cove, one of the boys said this isn't of a map its pirates cove maybe its a map of Huka falls. Maybe we will find more chests on the way we will get to explore a cave even a broken pirate ship. what the big X on the map thats where the treasure is said one of the boys. Someone found a cave the boy said explore it. As the cave started to end they can see bird singing and navy blue water glows they BIG X on the map it shows it ends here.

Wow look at all these magical creatures at this lake theres unicorns, three headed  lions, pink polka dotted dragons that breath flowers wow this is so amazing.                                   

Ferds got blue eyes as blue as the calm blue ocean, he's as tall as whale, he's got small black hair, like playing Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, Minecraft and Pokemon

As they were walking past the magical creatures the three headed dragon one breathed fire and the second one breathed ice and the third one breathed storm magic. “Maybe its a good time to use our guns’’ ok, “lets do this” says fred, we were firing at the hidra but it only made more angry at us for shooting it, maybe we can use its magic against itself with this metal shield over here, fred ran to pick it up but it was to heavy for fred so then we all tied to pick it up, we could barely lift it. But we finally aimed it were the hidra shot its magic and it shot back and almost killed it but suddenly died straight away as soon as Bob said “crud it didn't die”. So then we all went home and decided to never come back to this mythical place ever again, but Bob took a selfie with the dead hydra.

                                                              THE END.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Q1. What is Stonehenge?

A1.A mysterious circle of huge stones located in England.
Q2.Why do you think it took so long to build Stonehenge?

A2.It was very hard to work with such massive stones without modern tools.

Q3.What does Excavating mean?

A3.It means digging up.

Q4.Which step did the builders of Stonehenge do first.

A4.They dug a ditch, and then they transported the stones.  

Q5.Why do you think there are so many theories about Stonehenge?

A5.People have spent too much time thinking about Stonehenge

Monday, May 26, 2014

How to make sherbet

2.1T Icing sugar
3. ½ Drinking crystals
4.¼ bicarbonate soda   

1. Put          
Put all the ingredients together in a cup or a bowl.
Mix them together in a cup or a bowl.

Mix them until all of the sherbet has no lumps in the cup or bowl.

Add water sugar.
Add a little bit of water into it and then stir it until its all smooth.

Results: It burns up in your mouth pretty sour if you think about it.
Conclusion: Its very sour when you taste like theirs fire in your  mouth.
Yeast Experiment

Question?: What happens when the different tempers of water hits the yeast?

Purpose? We are going to see what happens when water hit yeast and sugar.

Hypothesis? I think the yeast will expand, The warm water with sugar won.

Materials: Hot water, cold water water, warm water, sugar, bowl and spoon.

Get the Materials
Get the Materials in a bowl.

Mix the Materials
Mix the Materials together in a bowl

Stir them until all the bubbles are gone.
Stir in a bowl for at least a Minute.

Results: The one with the warm water was the was the best one out of them all.

Conclusion: I thought the cold water will grow the most, but the warm water grew the most.  

Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Coke Experiment

Question: What will happen when we freeze the coke in the freezer for two and a half hours.

Purpose: We wanted to try to make a coke slush for a science Experiment at school.

Materials: Freezer, Any Bottle Of Fizzy drink For eg: Coke 500ml, bottle or can.

Sequence Words.

Shake the bottle will violence   
Shake the bottle

Put the bottle in the freezer
Put the fizzle in the for 2 hours and 15mins at the top of the frege
Remove the bottle from the freezer
Remove and enjoy!

Results: It didn’t work for my group it was still cool to drink coke at school.
Conclusion:I thought it will work but sadly it didn’t, but it was still awesome to drink coke then have morning tea.